A girl...

Bernadette Hart

... and her dog

Hello, my name is Letta and I am a F1B Goldendoodle (that means that I am one of the most hypoallergenic dogs around).   I love working with people of all ages and my mom takes me to a lot of schools.  Sometimes I snuggle with people and sometimes I just sleep next to them.

Strength:  I am super fluffy and attract people of all ages to me. No one can resist me. 

Weakness:  Mirrors are my kryptonite.  They confuse me and make me feel like there is another dog in the room, when there really isn't.  It turns into an endless staring contest. 

Special Talent:  I am an Irish dancer.  Yep, seriously.   

Letta Hart

I have been providing Animal Assisted Education Support to schools within Calgary and the surrounding areas for over five years.  Prior to working in schools, Letta and I volunteered for with a wonderful local animal not-for-profit, which allowed us to work in care homes and hospital settings.  

My focus has been on helping students achieve their educational goals and meet their unique emotional needs within their daily school life.  I use my background in business and education to create education support programs that enhance a students learning experience.