Whether you are looking for a speaker for your conference or a presenter for wellness sessions, we offer flexible presentations and workshops for schools.  Our topics can be easily tailored to a theme.  Examples of previous topics that we have spoken about include  pet therapy, how students can foster a growth mindset, mindfulness in the school environment, etc.  Please contact us to customize a presentation that would work for your school/organization.

School Conferences

We currently offer a one-on-one, 12 week structured reading program to specific students who would benefit from supported reading.  Our program supports the students classroom environment and the diverse learning needs of each student.  We work closely with the school team to help each child make progress in their reading levels.  These are 30 minute focused sessions that work through a multi-sensory approach to reading and each session is structured..

Reading Program

One of our favorite offerings is related to classroom visits.  Our skills have been utilized in multiple ways and our capability ranges from giving meaningful talks to students, to helping a classroom deal with test anxiety, or to coping with a classroom death/trauma.  We enjoy working with teachers to understand what there classroom needs are and then support the teachers in meeting their educational goals while understanding each unique classroom atmosphere. 



Our "Hangout Time" program aims to meet the intangible needs of the students.  These tend to be very customized sessions that can be between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the student.


In the past, we have worked with students who have suffered from great loss (death of a parent), students who have needed extra challenges in school (giftedness), children with anxiety, those who benefit from improvements in self esteem, etc.  This is a very flexible program that looks at the unique needs of each student and tries to help elevate and support their educational experience.